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Training for Success

Staying up to date on industry best-practices, policies and protocols is important in any profession—especially childcare. On January 13, 57 childcare providers from across Reno County attended a training session at Abundant Life Childcare/The Father’s House presented by the Reno County Child Care Task Force, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities. Not only was the training free, but providers also received an additional incentive of $15/hour, for every hour of training completed. 

322 individual hours of education were provided, on topics such as:  

  • CPR/First Aid 

  • Brain Development 

  • Business 

  • Child Development 

  • Health and Safety 

Attendee surveys indicated that childcare providers were very satisfied with their experience for a variety of reasons:  

"I'm not alone! And other childcare providers know how and what I am feeling."  "It makes me a much better provider." 

"Denise (CPR & 1st Aid Trainer) was the best I have EVER attended in a CPR class!  The most informative and best information! I will return to see her, she was awesome." 

"Bringing providers together, working together as one.  We all have the same goal." 

"Beth Reeder is exceptional!” 

“More recognition about childcare is being brought to people who can make a difference and also the community in general.” 

Be sure to sign up for the next training session on March 2!

Photos by Sandra Milburn 


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