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Big Plans Ahead for Buhler USD 313

Buhler USD 313 is hard at work completing two new childcare centers, marking a significant stride in addressing the community's childcare needs. This initiative, made possible through the collaboration with the Reno County Child Care Task Force and the Childcare Capacity Accelerator Grant, is a major step forward in improving the childcare infrastructure both within the district and for the community as a whole. 

The grant, totaling approximately $600,000 for Buhler USD 313, has been instrumental in materializing the vision of establishing two childcare centers, Crusader Corner at 56th and Plum, which will have openings for 60 children, and Buhler Beginnings, located at Buhler Grade School, which can serve 20.   

"Without this grant and being part of the childcare capacity accelerator, we would not be able to participate in building these childcare centers,” said Cindy Couchman, USD 313 Superintendent.  

While school districts haven’t necessarily been involved in childcare efforts in the past, there are several reasons why USD 313 feels called in this effort.  

"We're doing it first and foremost to obviously help our own staff out and have a safe and affordable place that they can count on to bring their children as they help serve other children and educate them,” said Couchman. “Getting kids ready for kindergarten is a win-win as they grow up in the future as we know that every dollar invested in early childhood development results in about $16 back into our community. 

Through its efforts in engaging the Reno Child Care Task Force, Buhler USD 313 has solidified community partnerships, and has a renewed appreciation for the support such an organization provides to the community.  

“There's really just a huge effort to make childcare a big thing in this community that I think could have far reaching impacts for our community economically, recreationally, and just for community vitality, said Kyle McClure, USD 313 Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment PK-5th Grade. “We hope to have both locations up and running in September, and are excited for this next chapter and what it could do for both the district and the community.” 


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