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USD 312 Haven Public Schools Expands Childcare Capacity with Accelerator Grant

Thanks to Accelerator Grant funding, USD 312 Haven Public Schools  has been able to renovate two existing sites to expand their childcare capacity to include openings for six infants, 10 toddlers and 18 3-4 year olds.

“It felt a little bit overwhelming on our own (to apply for the grant). The Reno County Child Care Task Force has been important for us because we were able to collaborate, get ideas for experienced people in this industry, and have help in writing the grant. The Accelerator Grant allowed us to fast track our plan to be able to open our childcare centers.” - Megan Hett, Director of Learning Services, Haven USD 312.

Not only is this a benefit for local families needing childcare (including USD 312 staff), but for the economy as well. These expansions have created six full-time and four part-time jobs.

Visit our website to learn more about funding and other resources from the Reno County Child Care Task Force:


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