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Provider of the Month: Kelly Root

Childcare providers have one of the most important jobs in the world and deserve to be celebrated! That’s why we’ll be highlighting a provider every month based on nominations we’ve received. Is there someone special you’d like to nominate? Let us know! 


Years ago, Kelly Root felt called to open an in-home daycare. She loved caring for children, but felt unprepared to at the time. Eventually though, the timing was right, and an opportunity arose that she couldn’t turn down. As the director of Rockin J’s Childcare Center in Hutchinson, she’s grateful she finally had the chance to make her career aspirations come true—and now she’s been nominated as the Provider of the Month for July.

“Three years ago my father and my mother decided to buy this daycare and called me and asked me if I wanted to run it and I said absolutely,” said Kelly. “I was so appreciative of this award. It made me feel so good because it shows us that we are doing a good job and we are taking care of these kids as the parents see fit.”

With six staff members caring for 48 children at the center, Kelly extends the Provider of the Month recognition to all of her employees.

“They are very hardworking. They love my children as much as I love my children and they take good care of them.”

Just as Kelly can’t do it alone taking care of all the children at the center, she also recognizes that childcare providers need a network of support in the community.

“We are very familiar with the Reno County Childcare Task Force. We do get grants from them every quarter and that has helped us tremendously keep going and improving our daycare. We are actually getting brand new flooring, updating the facility, and buying new toys for outside. We would not be able to improve our daycare without the help of the Reno County Childcare Task Force.”

In addition to funding resources, Kelly and her team have been able to benefit from the free, comprehensive training sessions offered by the task force.

“My staff loved the in-person training and learned a lot and were able to connect with other providers and teachers.”

Though Kelly had a steep learning curve jumping into childcare and running such a large center, she is grateful she took the chance.

“Starting your own daycare is amazing. It is a lot of work, but it is very rewarding in the end though, one thing that I absolutely love about running a daycare is the feedback that I get from these kids. They run up to me and they give me hugs and tell me they love me.”

Looking ahead, Kelly remains committed to the growth and success of Rockin J’s Childcare Center as a nurturing environment where children feel loved and supported, while also seeking new opportunities to enhance the center’s facilities and programs. Kelly’s dedication to her role and her genuine love for the children are apparent.

“When somebody asks me how many kids I have, I don't tell them two, I tell them I have 50 kids. These kids are my life. I absolutely enjoy working with them and taking care of them, and I treat them as my own.”

Congratulations to Kelly on being nominated as our Provider of the Month! If you know an exceptional childcare provider you’d like to nominate, please do so here: Submit Your Nomination.


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