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Reno County APRA Task Force Recommendations

Residents recognize childcare as a top priority and wish to see resources allocated to it, so the ARPA Task Force recommends that Reno County and the City of Hutchinson make a bold statement that Hutchinson and Reno County are family-friendly and committed to supporting and growing a thriving workforce today and tomorrow. We ask that you commit substantially all or a significant portion of ARPA funds to addressing the local childcare system and partner with the K-Ready Reno County Coalition to determine the most strategic, equitable, and sustainable investments for long-term impact.

In addition to the ARPA funds allocated directly to cities and counties, more ARPA funds will be passed down through state and federal programs. As Reno County and the City of Hutchinson budget for future years and as they consider applications for state and federal funding, whether through ARPA or otherwise, the Task Force also strongly encourages local policymakers to recognize the other top priorities identified by Reno County residents and invite proposals for investment or other support from the collaborative groups already working on these issues.

• Strengthening workforce development programs Greater Hutch Economic Development Partnership, Hutchinson Community College, USD 308 Career & Technical Education Academy, Boys & Girls Clubs of Hutchinson

• Developing more affordable housing Hutchinson Housing Commission

• Expanding mental health resources Mental Health Community Coalition

• Supporting local and small businesses Greater Hutch Economic Development Partnership, Visit Hutch Tourism Coalition, StartUp Hutch, Reno County Entrepreneur Ecosystems Partnership

• Expanding access to health care Reno County Health Department, Health Care Access Task Force

• Developing recreational opportunities Hutch Rec, Hutchinson Parks & Recreation Department, Vitality Team of Reno County

Read the complete recommendation here.


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